Men’s hormone therapy without the hassle.

So many men struggle to find a stress-free telehealth experience. We provide virtual appointments & contactless prescription delivery so you can maximize your life without the hassle.

From online telehealth appointments to contactless prescription delivery & regular online checkups, expect the healthcare experience you deserve, at a fraction of the cost & without the headache.

Testosterone Replacement

Say hello to the man you once were.

Recover your masculinity.

Build Muscle & Strengthen Your Body



Let’s face it, nothing beats a good hair day.

Age, hormones, genetics & a number of other factors play roles in hair loss. Men’s Vitality can help.


We all know… When the moment’s here, the moment’s here.

Never miss it again with effective erectile dysfunction medication delivered in discreet packaging, right to your door.

You deserve the best version of yourself.

Maximize your life.

Our Doctors

Anti-Aging & Hormone Specialists

Men’s Hormone Replacement Therapy

High-quality convenient care, at a fraction of the cost.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

As little at $87/month

Say Hello to Hair Growth

Starts at $17/month

Say Goodbye to Erectile Dysfunction

Starts at less than $2/dose

Men’s Vitality MD

Founded in 2020 by Dr. Scott Sanderson, Men’s Vitality MD is among the fastest growing men’s telehealth in Hawaii.


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Brandon Verdura
Brandon Verdura
Dr. Sanderson has greatly helped me with my hair growth journey. I’m in my late 20s and noticed hereditary baldness coming in with hair loss and a bald spot developing. Dr. Sanderson helped me understand what was going on and what we could do the improve my hair growth and prevent it from worsening. I’m happy to say I’ve been with Men’s Vitality MD for over a year now and love their tele-health services for easy maintence on my hair. Mahalo, Dr. Sanderson!
Kaleo Buck
Kaleo Buck
Doctor was very fast with information and response with what I needed help. I received my package within in a week and he gave me all the instructions. Thank you Scott and your team.
Aaron Augustine
Aaron Augustine
Awesome, friendly service, and makes life overall great again. Sleeping great, having more energy, and being in a better mood really improved my quality of life. Thanks Dr. Sanderson!
Brian Hayes
Brian Hayes
Dr Anderson has been outstanding!! Very professional and always responds if I have any questions. HIGHLY recommended to anyone!!
Men’s Vitality MD, Dr Scott, is my GoTo Doc for TRT. If you have low T and you want to feel like you’re in your 20’s again💪, make Dr Scott your GoTo Doc too! He makes the entire process user friendly and best of all, affordable.👍 MAHALO Dr Scott!!!🤙🏼
D&C Dog Training
D&C Dog Training
Excellent service and extremely professional. The best part is the ability to be taken care of from the convenience of your home. Best choice I have made and definitely changed my life!