Common Causes of Low Sex Drive in Men

Is it all about desire? Typically, we tend to think of desire as an emotion, emerging from our mental status, similar to friendship or outrage or pain or shock or bliss. But this is probably not the case. Many scientists and psychologists now believe that desire is, in fact, a bodily urge, more analogous toContinue reading “Common Causes of Low Sex Drive in Men”

Testosterone Replacement Therapy: All You Need To Know

When we talk about testosterone and male functionality, what comes to mind is erectile and sexual function. However, it is much more than that! Testosterone is a vital hormone in the body. It is essential for the proper development, functioning, regulation, and maintenance of many systems concerned with the male body. The primary process andContinue reading “Testosterone Replacement Therapy: All You Need To Know”

Low testosterone symptoms, causes and treatments

What is testosterone and what is its role in the body? Testosterone is probably the most misunderstood hormone today – it is the primary sex hormone in males that is produced from the male testes. This is also produced from the ovaries in females and the adrenal glands in both sexes, although in smaller quantities.Continue reading “Low testosterone symptoms, causes and treatments”