Hair loss? Don’t Make these 5 Grooming Mistakes

If you’re losing hair, stop making these 5 grooming mistakes

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The hair on your scalp is your best friend when trying to impress people. Most men have hair styled to their taste or use a myriad of grooming products such as hair creams, waxes, and pomades to achieve the semblance they want. The manner of grooming your hair can dictate people’s impression of you. However, if you start to notice that your hair is already thinning or falling out, you may want to have a closer look at the hair products you apply and your grooming habits as well.

This is not a post where we will be mentioning the effects of stress. Stress is a real hair-killer, but if all of us could eliminate chronic stressors, we’d already have done it by now. Stress does get an honorable mention because of its impact, and just to keep it in mind if nothing else seems to work. We will also not be going into dietary advice as that is very individual and can’t be generalized, but it’s definitely something to check out if nothing else works.

Now, on to the list of mistakes to avoid:

Mistake #1: Shampooing frequently

A very controversial topic! Whenever someone wants to know how to stop hair loss, one of the first big clashes they stumble upon online is shampoo usage. Shampoos and scalp health have been a heated point of debate among us all, including dermatologists and companies – for a long time. If you want the tl;dr version – there are two main takeaways:

  • Shampoo quality is essential in hair loss prevention
  • Overuse of shampoos can worsen hair loss and overall scalp health!

Using your shampoo when taking a bath is possibly the most satisfying daily ritual after a long day. You may yearn for smooth and soft hair and be ready for the application of hair products. The less greasy, the cleaner your hair maybe, but this is more damaging than you think. Shampooing too often can strip your hair of its natural oils. Hair that is free of these oils may feel coarse and dull, plus, it can be challenging to style. Moreover, this habit can be over-drying the scalp, because it removes the moisture it needs to be healthy; therefore, leading to more hair loss.

If you have oily hair, washing your hair with shampoo every day is fine, or you may try using dry shampoo instead. If you are not, you are wasting a great deal of money and time on shampoo. Adapt the regimen of shampooing every other day (or less if it’s possible without becoming too unsightly), and rinse your hair with water on days in between. Also, use a lesser amount every time you shower. It is perfectly fine if it does not lather up and has no suds. It still works! This should be your number 1 experiment to try out on the road of hair loss control and reversing hair thinning.

What to look for in a hair loss prevention shampoo?

It is also recommended to analyze the ingredients of your shampoo. Look out for tea tree oil in a shampoo. It gives your hair the hydration and nutrients it needs. It also promotes circulation in your scalp, strengthens the hair follicles, and stimulates hair growth. The use of a conditioner every day is also suggested because it hydrates and nourishes your hair.

Mistake #2: Excessively using hair products

photo of man with full hair

Men often use hair styling products when going out on a date, to a job meeting, or even to a casual hangout with friends. The usual products that are used are

  • waxes,
  • pomades,
  • foaming creams
  • and more…

The thing is, particular chemicals in these can initiate and worsen hair loss. Excessive amounts can also weigh your hair down leaving your hair look flat and reduced. If you want to reduce shedding hair – check those products thoroughly!

An ingredient present in your hair product might be polyethylene glycol, which can cause hair loss. It can make your hair brittle and stressed. Alcohol in hair products also makes your hair prone to damage. It is best to look at the components of your hair products. Alcohol-free and water-based styling products are suggested to use if you suffer from hair loss. These are super gentle and can be easily rinsed off when you take a bath.

Additionally, avoid using hair dye, because dyes contain harsh chemicals such as paraphenylenediamine, which can cause scalp irritation. It also contains high amounts of hydrogen peroxide, which can weaken your hair shaft.

It is suggested to use products that make your hair appear fuller rather than separated. Creams, clay, or pastes are the best products to use but apply these sparingly. Also, use a lightweight spray or a light-hold mousse instead of gels and pomades, when styling your hair.

Mistake #3: Growing out your hair

man with tied dark long hair and beard

It may be tempting for you to start growing out what’s left of your hair to cover up the areas that are already thinning or balding. Doing this increases the length of hair, but not its volume. If this happens, the hair on your sides and back will be too long but the affected area on the top is still present and will be more evident.

As an alternative, you might want to try having a shorter all-over style, like a buzz cut or cropped style, to blend well with the thinning areas.

Mistake #4: Having too much heat for your hair

A hot bath can be relaxing when the weather is cold, but hot water can be detrimental to the health of your hair, causing it to fall. Hot water strips off the natural oils in your scalp. This leads to the loss of hydration and excessive dryness of your scalp and hair. Frequently doing this may result in thin and brittle hair, causing hair loss. Another negative effect is the presence of itchiness and dandruff because of the dryness. The best solution is to use cold water during showering. Cold water does not only retain the natural oils, but it also enhances blood circulation in your scalp, promoting hair growth.

The wrong use of the hairdryer is also a culprit. Using it can make your after-bath preparation easier, but it destroys your hair in the long run. To promote good scalp health and stop losing hair due to heat damage, try to use hair dryers only when your’e in a hurry. Otherwise, just wash your hair way before you need to leave home.

As for usage tips, holding a hair dryer close to your roots will lose the moisture from your scalp, leaving your hair thin and unfirm. It is advised to use it about 8 inches away from your hair and use low heat to warm setting. Men who have thinning hair may want to use a round brush while using the hairdryer as it increases hair volume. When trying to fix hair loss and prevent baldness, don’t just focus on chemicals, but how you physically treat your head and scalp.

Mistake #5: Having a scruffy beard

man with a beanie and full beard

Just like growing out your hair, it is enticing to grow a beard but having a messy one is the last thing you want to have. It would not work as a diversion from your hair loss. Try committing to having a fully shaved or buzzed head. Then, grow a full beard that is well-groomed that matches your style. Find the appropriate beard style according your face shape and personality. The combination of a shaved head and beard may make you even look younger! Plus, if you have a long or double chin, a beard can be an effective way to hide this.

Losing hair can seem like it’s the end of the world, but it doesn’t have to be. You are not alone. Millions of men are searching for the same answers as you, trying to fix hair fall and thinning hair. It can happen at any age, and even as young as 24, depending on the conditions and individual genetics.

Help yourself out by avoiding these common mistakes and instead, make use of these tips and tricks to ensure that your hair remains healthy and strong, even if you may be slowly losing it.

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